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  • Victor A.
  • Stanford, CA

Picture 3

I have ave been a resident for one of BTs  properties for over the past 4 years now. Throughout this time BT has been amazing at meeting all our needs as tenants by promptly taking care of issues related to the property, even on holidays and during the night sometimes.

They BT staff they have always been friendly, helpful and really easy to get a hold of when in need.

Highly recommend them!

  • James P.
  • New York, NY
Picture 3

My wife and I just sent in an application for a house in Palo Alto. The agent, Lisa Shaps, has been a pleasure to work with. My wife had a lengthy list of items that she would like repaired and Lisa happily listed them and promptly called a contractor to have them fixed. She met us at the property several times at our convenience without much notice and was very patient with our questions. She was also invaluable in terms of getting quick feedback from the owner.  We can’t wait to move in and are very thankful that Lisa was there to guide us. We liked her so much that we plan to invite her over for drinks after we move in!

  • Gina G.
  • Campbell, CA
Picture 3


I moved into a BT Property in October 2016. At first, I was extremely disappointed with the agents I was dealing with.  They were very rude to say the least.  Enter Michelle. Not only did Michelle make right what the other agents were lacking, she has made dealing with BT Property a very pleasant experience. She is professional and efficient.  Whenever my apartment needs tweeking, she gets the job done. Michelle has  rolled out a welcome mat for me. She has helped me make my apartment a home.

  • Victor A.
  • Stanford, CA

Picture 3

I have ave been a resident for one of BTs  properties for over the past 4 years now. Throughout this time BT has been amazing at meeting all our needs as tennants by promptly taking care of issues related to the property, even on holidays and during the night sometimes.

They BT staff they have always been friendly, helpful and really easy to get a hold of when in need.

Highly recommend them!

  •  Steven L.
  • Mountain View, CA

Picture 3
I lived in an apartment managed by B.T. for about a year. They addressed all my requests professionally including cutting off palm tree leaves.When I had to break the lease, they handled it nicely and professionally as well.

  • Alice L.
  • San Jose, CA

Picture 3

today i want to give a big shout out to BT Properties  in the maintenance Roberto went above and beyond his duties and did repairs in my bathroom he has a compassionate heart,i felt so surprised today with the work he completed …And Becky also who got on it asap Today i honestly can say BT team put out !!!
  • J C.
  • Mountain View, CA

Picture 3

I lived in a BT property for two years.  BT was from start to finish *great* to work with.  BT is simply an extremely professional property management company.

While at the BT managed property I received prompt attention to maintenance requests, including one within 24 hours on a holiday care of Becky.  Selecting the property and moving in was great care of Paul.  Brett himself worked with me to renew my lease once under very fair terms.  Mary Ann made the paperwork and financial part of moving out a really pleasant experience and taught me some things about the new neighborhood I was moving to.  BTW, I received my deposit back within about a week of leaving.  Jim helped me check out of the property.  I had other great interactions with Cheryl, Cindy and Lorri and I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

Thanks BT for a great renting experience!

  • Marcus H.
  • Campbell, CA
Picture 4
Not sure what the bad reviews are all about, I find them to be quite responsive and helpful! No management company is perfect but I’ve found them to be courteous, and professional from top to bottom. Fred Corvi is the best. My experience has been pretty rock solid.
  • Joshua P.
  • Redwood City, CA
Picture 3

I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with BT Properties. Any problems I’ve had have been dealt with promptly. EXTREMELY promptly.

Rosemary, Mary Ann, and Becky have really taken care of me and taken all of my concerns seriously and I’d rent with these folks again in a second.

  • Liz N.
  • Mountain View, CA
Picture 3
I am so thrilled and thankful that BT Properties gave me a year’s lease with only a $50 rent increase.  We have lived here for over 10 years but when things got crazy with rent increases, I really believed that having good tenants who paid their rent on time didn’t matter.  But I was so excited when I got the 1 year lease with only the $50 increase.  I live in Downtown Mountain View to put things in perspective…
  • David D.
  • Redwood City, CA


Picture 3I’m renting with BT Properties in Redwood City (690 Leahy). So far things has been really good (2 months of a 1 year lease). There were a couple of repairs to be made and the property manager took care of everything promptly (3-4 repairs within 2 weeks). The unit itself is old but pretty nice, I’m not complaining at all. We do have a garage space with a dedicated gate but so far no break-ins or anything like that. Just a peaceful, well-maintained community. If I and my wife run into any problems, I will update.

  • Pin Z.
  • Mountain View, CA
Picture 311/10/2015

A 5 star to the quick repair service at 9pm in the evening.
Yesterday, the heater stopped working. Since it is getting cold, and we have a toddler who is used to the warm room, we are afraid of her health. I want it repaired ASAP. After making a phone call to the BT Properties’ office, since this was not part of emergency, I was advised to make a phone call to PG&E. What makes me warm is that after the officer is aware of the baby needs, she claimed to try to make a exceptional to help me about this. Then I made a phone call to PG&E, and also some local HVAC service, the earliest available time is the next morning. I almost gave up the immediate repair of the heater and went to walmart and Target to get an electric heater. While choosing one from the few heater left in Target, I got a phone call from my wife telling me that BT Properties found someone to my apartment and have the heater fixed. The fact is thanks to BT Properties, I don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. Also about the other repair issues, BT Properties is also very fast. They are reliable on the repair!

  • Desiree S.
  • Santa Clara, CA
Picture 310/9/2015
Thank you Cindy for all the help you have Givin me in the process of my paper work ,it’s not been a very easy few months in losing my mom my to cancer very suddenly,  it’s been the most difficult time of my life , Cindy has been the most biggest angel to help me thru this difficult time . Thank you so very much Cindy you are truly a blessing ……
  • Michele C.
  • Palo Alto, CA
Picture 37/23/2015

This rating is for the repair and maintenance portion of the business. I have been a resident for 1 year, and every time I call with a maintenance request (or email), the maintenance office staff calls me back within a couple days and schedules the repair. Maintenance office staff also call to make sure the repairs are completed.

The repair services have been very good. Enrique (who does general maintenance) is always professional, on time, and does a great job (actually he’s usually early!). We also had Rewind Pest Control come by to spray around the unit and they were on time, professional, and polite.

I’ve rented in many places and have never had such good service from a landlord, both in response time and quality of repair.

  • Henry M.
  • Palo Alto, CA

Picture 36/11/2015

My practice is in a Los Altos office complex managed by BT Properties.  Mary Ann, Becky and Michelle have always been quick to respond to my emails and calls, and send over repairmen to fix my problems right away.   For example, my AC was not working the other day during the heat wave, and their HVAC guy Claudio called me back within minutes to set up a time when he could come over.  My AC was up and running again in no time flat.  I am very happy with the friendliness, responsive, and competence of the BT personnel.
  • Remi S.
  • Palo Alto, CA
Picture 46/9/2015
Very responsive to help needed in the house. They do an incredible job of responding quick. Grateful for them right now.
  • Matt C.
  • Menlo Park, CA
Picture 4   6/12/2015

My compliments to Teri and Becky at BT Properties.  With the heat earlier this week, we discovered that our A/C was broken. Emailed Teri and Becky that evening, they responded within minutes, and a repairman fixed it next day.  Couldn’t have asked for more.  In the four years we’ve been in this triplex, we’ve had very few issues, but when we have, they’ve been resolved quickly.  Hot water heater, clogged drain, leaky kitchen faucet, and now A/C; all pretty normal maintenance over the course of four years, and all fixed the same day or the next.  Thank you, Teri and Becky!

  • Kathir R.
  • San Francisco, CA
Picture 3          5/19/2015

Lived here nearly 3 years ago, yet they still assisted me in sorting out an issue with an uncashed security deposit check from around that time due to my moving around, being out of country, and never having received it, etc. Eliza went out of her way to help me sort this issue out which was a huge relief to me to say the least.

I also lived at 551 Harrison, and though only there a short time, had no issues with the property, the property management company, or the property manager Violet. I’ve lived in a lot of places across a lot of different states and I must say BT was highly professional in all it’s interactions with me.

Just a caveat – those reading the reviews should really sort out which comments are meaningful vs. those that are spiteful. This is a professional management company and if you treat folks nicely, you’ll get the same in return. That was my experience.

  • Mario A L.

Oakland, CA

Picture 4           5/14/2015
  BT properties has been great with our apartment building. Rosemary Gibson has been very kind and understanding. I have and will continue to recommend BT properties to friends looking to rent.
  • Kirra C.

Los Altos, CA

Picture 3         4/30/2015
I had been living on Latham St. in Mountain View when the management of the building was turnover to BT Properties.  After reading some review I was concerned that I was going to encounter some of same issues dealing with this property management team but honestly nothing could be further from that thought.  Chantal has always been super amazing! Any time there was any issue inside the apartment it was always resolved within less than 24 hours.  I lived there for over 3 years and 2 of those years were with BT managing the building.  Although I have since moved out for my own personal reasons, I really want to thank Chantal and the BT Properties management team for a great living experience.
  • Dan S.

Mountain View, CA

Picture 3          3/5/2015

I’ve lived at a BT Properties managed site for 3+ years. In such time, I’ve had two occasions to interact with them from a property management perspective and have found them to be very accommodating and responsive each time.

Most recently, my adjoining apartment neighbor had some plumbing issues which radiated significant noise in my apartment. Within hours of noting the issue to BT, they reached out to me to coordinate a plumber to fix the issue and followed-up throughout the process to ensure all was taken care of.

Generally speaking, the property is kept clean, in good repair (for an older complex) and the management company provides courtesy notices from time to time on good neighborly behavior (which is certainly appreciated) for a complex that has a mix of young professionals through families.

  • Madhuri R.

Palo Alto, CA

Picture 3          12/21/2014
BT properties is an awesome property management company. Thay have always taken care of the issues I faced in a prompt manner. My heater was inspected, my door key was replaced and my window that wasn’t closing was repaired. These repairs had to happen after business hours and the repair guys were right on time right after I called the company. Becky, Chantal and Brett are all awesome.
  • Larcos H.

San Jose, CA

Picture 3         11/3/2014
BT Properties just bought the apartment complex I live in.  The previous owner failed miserably to address two fairly simple issues like a toilet that wouldn’t flush properly, and a shower faucet that constantly dripped.   Today, the 24 hour dripping noise is gone, the water pressure 50% is better than before and the toilet got replaced, all within about 30 minutes.  Two thumbs up to BT Properties for finally addressing these issues I’ve lived with for the last nine months.
  • Paula G.

Palo Alto, CA

Picture 3       10/14/2014
I would like to compliment Becky for the consistently wonderful help she offers when there are needs to repair. She is always courteous, responsive and friendly and always attempts to have repair issues addressed as soon as possible. She is a wonderful person and I’m happy BT Properties has such a skillful employee.Also, Michelle, is similarly friendly, quick to respond and helpful. She is, like Becky, sweet, friendly and professional. She assures that repair jobs are quickly and expertly completed.


  • Stephanie L.

Belmont, CA

Picture 3       8/19/2014  Updated review
I have to say that I love BT properties. Rosemary is such a sweetheart to work with. She is very kind & professional. Rosemary made are move extremely easy. She’s returned all phone calls & has answered all questions we have had. I think Rosemary is an awesome person to work with. Anytime we have had a maintenance issue Michelle or Becka have been right on top of it. I’m very pleased to with BT properties and recommend them to everyone.
8/10/2014  Previous review

We moved into a BT Property in March & have loved it. Every person we have spoken to has been fantastic. We have dealt with Rosemary primarily & she is very kind & professional. BT Properties is very helpful and attentive to any concerns you have. They keep the property looking good. Thank you Rosemary & BT Properties for your professionalism and always being so kind. We love our new home

  • Brett W.

San Jose, CA Picture 4    9/11/14

BT Properties cares about me. I had searched for about 3 weeks for a place to live. Every time I came up with a possibility, there was always “someone else that had an application in before me”. It is truly a seller’s market here in the San Jose bay area. I found an apartment in Los Gatos that I liked. Jennie Lyn was truly a professional & took care of every detail to get the keys to me 9 days ahead of schedule. After a week I noticed some items that could use attention, & Becky was on it like cold on ice. The items were repaired within 2 days. With all the stress surrounding a move, why use anyone else? Thank you, BT Properties!
4/9/2014  Updated review
I had a problem with my gas stove. Since our property is managed by BT Properties I contacted them and within five minutes Brett Thomas contacted the department and I received a call from the repairman to come fix it today. Any time I have a situation arise, the issue is always addressed and handled.  I have never had such great professional service as I have with BT Properties. The renter is taken care of with BT Properties! Brett Thomas thank you and Richa for everything! Michele G San Jose
  • JC

San Jose, CA

Picture 35/20/2014

Let’s face it, rentals in this market can be tough for both landlords and tenants alike.  BT’s unusually high level of professionalism makes them really refreshing to work with.  Simply put, they are great at what they do.  I’m actually happy to write out a check to BT every month.

I worked with Paul leasing the property.  Paul the best property manager I’ve ever worked with.  He knew everything there was to know about the property and went above and beyond to make it easy for us including meeting us at the property no less that six times before, during and after getting the lease signed.  Becky, Michelle and Cornell make sure that all maintenance is taken care of promptly and are great at letting you know what is happening with items that can’t be resolved immediately. If you are a renter and are lucky enough to rent a BT property, you can be confident that they will take care of everything so you can focus on your life.

  • Robert W.

San Jose, CA

Picture 33/11/2014

Finding a place to rent that is feasible and ideal, and yet simply easy to apply and rent is extremely hard to come by. The stress of searching through countless places, locations and landlords was alleviated due to the work of Kelly Johnson at BT properties. After I contacted her about an apartment opening she immediately followed up and got the process started  to view the apartment and all the technical details behind the scene. Not only was she knowledgeable about all the details, her interpersonal skills made it easy and extremely trustworthy. The speed at which I was able to find the apartment, complete all necessary paperwork and move in was astounding. Once my roommates and I were moved in she was very communicative and responsive with any help or need. When problems did arise with the apartment or accessories that needed to be fixed she immediately went to action and contacted the necessary people to complete the task. Living and renting from BT properties was an easy experience and also i felt very secure due to Kelly’s work ethic and responsiveness. Unfortunately, we had to move, which is always a pain, and with her understanding, helpfulness and communication. The usual hectic process was seamless and easy. I hope to have every landlord with the exceptional demeanor, skills and excellent service as Kelly.

  • Michele G.

San Jose, CA

2/20/2014Picture 3

I sent an email about my issue for a repair and Brett was on it at wee hours of the night. (When I sent it) He addressed it and Michelle (who’s department it belonged to) was on it within a minute when I called her. The plumber was at my house exactly when he said he would be there and addressed the problem. The whole transaction was flawless! I couldn’t have asked for more perfect service! Thank you BT Properties. Michele G Happy Resident

  • Leonard S.

Mountain View, CA

Picture 31/20/2014

We have owned two (2) properties next door to properties managed by BT Properties. Those properties have always been kept clean and well maintained. We wish all of our neighbors’ properties were kept so nice.

  • Lana A.

Santa Clara, CA

Picture 41/3/2014

Richa and Luis are new managers at the village apartments and they have done a great job they have great follow up and a sense of urgency. I am excited to see what they will do to help clean up and maintain the complex they have already installed a new laundry room in one of the building! Thanks Richa and Luis keep up the great work!

  • Katrina G.

Sunnyvale, CA

Picture 49/27/2013

This review is for a small property in Sunnyvale with regional manager Dee, so I won’t speak for any of BT’s larger properties or other property managers. But I recently moved in, and already I am impressed with the attentiveness I’ve experienced. Throughout the signing and move-in process, I don’t think I’ve had to wait more than 30 minutes for a response back via phone or email. I’ve lived in larger more corporate complexes before, where the manager’s main focus was clearly showing and leasing to new tenants, but not so much on taking care of current tenant needs. So this has really been a breath of fresh air. Dee even stopped by to check up on me after I moved in and helped me set up my wifi. Again, maybe its different in other areas, but so far my experience has been very positive.

  • Jessica H.

Mountain View, CA

Picture 48/25/2013

Hi everyone.  Given all the negative reviews I want to share with you my personal experience with BT Properties in hopes of revealing some of the good things about this company that are truly worth considering.  This is my own experience and I’m not trying to assert all the other reviews are off base.  I’ve just gone through something that makes me believe BT Properties is turning the corner in regards to customer service and being attentive to the needs of prospective tenants. I was looking for an affordable studio in a nice neighborhood in Sunnyvale.  When I saw an ad for one offered by BT Properties I was hopeful yet skeptical given the mountain of negative reviews.  Nonetheless, I reached out to the company and began working with Dee.  I found Dee to be very motivated to provide me with a professional experience in getting to know the unit (which was being refurbished at the time) and the company (seeing HER personal desire to turn around their reputation by providing me with very good customer service). Over the course of two weeks while the refurbishments were taking place, Dee was very attentive to the details of our interactions.  Always accessible by both email and text, she was responsive to the little things like making sure the paint job was done thoroughly and the light bulbs were working properly before I moved in.  I’m a single female looking for a safe and affordable home.  Dee was very sensitive to my desire to make the right decision and worked hard to make me feel comfortable with my decision. Here’s the rub.  At the end of the day, I chose NOT to move into the studio in Sunnyvale that Dee worked very hard to make accommodating for me.  After the refurbishments were complete and I saw the finished product it still wasn’t what I was looking for.  Dee harbored no hard feelings for my not taking the unit.  She was pleasant, professional and told me she’d keep me posted as other units became available that fit my price range and neighborhood of interest. It’s clear BT Properties has had its challenges.  It’s also clear that the company is trying, by hiring a very capable professional like Dee, to turn those challenges around.  In the course of my interactions with BT Properties I was shown three different properties that were being upgraded and refurbished. This is another sign, in my opinion, that the company is making adjustments to improve their reputation in the market place.  So I guess my message here is BT Properties is worth giving a try if you focus on working with a solid professional like Dee and give yourself some time to truly vet the apartments.  It’s all about doing your homework and working with a person that makes you feel comfortable.  I had that experience with Dee. Hope this helps, Jessica P.S. The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because I ultimately didn’t rent from them.  If I do in the future, I’ll submit another review.

  • Micaela B.

Davis, CA

Picture 46/10/2013

The price and location of my apartment are great–it’s hard to find a better deal in this area. I have had a few problems with my apartment, most notably a recurring flea infestation from an unknown source. BT Properties called several companies and finally found one that knew how to properly exterminate–the fleas are finally eradicated! I am very appreciative of how BT Properties has handled the issue; the staff has been very sympathetic, accommodating, and helpful, particularly Brett and Michelle. When other issues come up, they are generally good at getting someone over quickly to fix the issue, and all the maintenance people have been very nice. Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend renting from BT Properties.

  • Karin W

Mountain View, CA

ScreenHunter_03 May. 28 13.435/22/2013

Man – there are a lot super negative reviews for these guys.  Personally, I’ve found BT Properties to “meet expectations.” I don’t find them to be particularly quick – but they usually follow up in a reasonable time frame on apartment issues/requests.  On a really positive note, I found Michelle (maintenance manager) and George (maintenance guru) to be fantastic and super helpful. I would consider a higher rating – but they raised our rent on Easter Sunday while our daughter was doing an Easter egg hunt in the front yard.  Wah wah wah.

  • Sarah R.

Los Altos, CA

Picture 45/20/2013

We live behind a property managed by BT properties.  A few weeks ago, something went wrong with air conditioning equipment on the roof of the BT managed building, causing a constant, annoying, buzzing sound in our backyard.  It did take a few calls, but Becky at BT properties looked into the problem and got it repaired.  Becky was professional and got the job done.

  • aria H.

Redwood City, CA

Picture 42/12/2013

I Currently live in one of the BT  rental properties i have to say that i was having some issues with the property. I clicked on this YELP website and i saw the answers from Brett so i decided to email. I have to say that i am very pleased with the way that he took care of things. Thank you brett for taking care of things ASAP! You are the best 🙂

  • Tim M.

Santa Clara, CA

Picture 41/6/2013

Moved to this Santa Clara unit almost a year ago now, and BT had taken over management of the building just before that as I understand it. So far I’m pretty lukewarm on them as there hasn’t been much interaction with them directly. Guess that’s a good sign though? A bump for the apartment being nicely cleaned up including a few extras (oven hood, stove, floors) before I moved in. Rent offered was fair for the slightly older unit, and good for the area. I was on a 6-month lease at first. Since then it’s been month-to-month with no hikes. All in all it’s just been a no-surprises experience. Definitely a big plus for the on-site manager Mary who makes living in my building a pleasure. As I understand, she was here before the BT days. Always has a smile, keeps an eye on things, tidies up around the building, takes care of problems, and is happy to hold packages delivered while away. She definitely helps the place feel more like home, though of course she doesn’t come with every BT-run apartment. 😉

  • Michael G.

San Jose, CA


There was some confusion with my rent payments, and Brett had the issue resolved right away. I appreciated the professional manner in which I was treated. It was evident he does truly care about the tenants whom rent from his company.

  • Pete C.

Mountain View, CA


This is for Kelly Johnson, who is a property manager at BT. I found Kelly to be very helpful and charming in my quest to find a new place. She was down to earth and very conscientious about trying to make things work for me, and put together a good match very quickly. She was patient with me, when I was being a bit impatient and I appreciated her for not overreacting, but instead just being a pal. I’m glad I got Kelly to go through the process with, BT should be proud of her.

  • Laura P.

San Francisco, CA


I’m renting an apartment in Mountain View that’s managed by BT Properties and have had nothing but a positive experience working with Kelly Johnson. She was friendly when I called about a property listing, eager to help me get the place, and had my application approved within hours of me submitting my paperwork. Kelly helped me figure out how to set up a new account for utilities with PG&E (my first time doing it so I really needed the help!) and she even was nice enough to drop my new apartment keys off at a friend’s house where I was staying when I didn’t yet have a car. When I moved in the apartment was very clean with fresh paint and shampooed carpet. The appliances aren’t super new but they don’t look dated either and they all work fine. I haven’t had any trouble with the apartment or the neighbors and am happy with my new home. The only contact I’ve had with the main office was when they called to say that I hadn’t paid my rent (I had) but the voicemail wasn’t unfriendly and the man I spoke to was extremely apologetic when I called back to clear things up. I read all of the Yelp reviews before choosing to rent with BT Properties and was pretty nervous going into it, but I haven’t had reason to regret it yet. As long as you’re working with Kelly I think you’ll be fine.

  • Gregg M.

Sunnyvale, CA


I was a tenant in a property managed by BT Properties – specifically Kelly Johnson – from April 2010 to June 2011.  During that time, Kelly demonstrated nothing but a professional, honest and friendly attitude toward me and my fellow tenants.  Kelly was friendly and personable to the point of stopping and chatting for 5-10 minutes with myself and the other tenants when we’d see each other outside, but firm enough to quickly enforce the rules (parking, storage, trash, noise, etc.) when she saw that something was not right (including reminding me about storing things on my patio).  I also want to mention that the outside areas of my apartment complex were kept in immaculate condition. It says something about Kelly that her children would always greet me and even offer to help me carry groceries when they would see me carrying bags in.  How many kids are willing to be that friendly and helpful nowadays?!? When I needed some maintenance items done , I dealt with BT Properties’ Maintenance folks directly.  Although not quite as friendly as Kelly, they were all professional and responsive to my requests. My reason for moving out in June 2011 was related to a temporary job transfer, but based on my prior experience, I called Kelly first when I thought that I was returning to the area.  As always, she was extremely helpful and caring and helped me to quickly find another unit that was under her (and BT Properties) management.  When my job required me to postpone my move, Kelly and BT Properties management were very understanding and returned my entire deposit to me. As a result of all of the above, Kelly Johnson at BT Properties will be the first person I contact when I know for sure that I need to find another rental property. I don’t mean to discount the other posters who have had negative experiences with other property managers and other properties, however, I did learn that some of what happens is based on the actual property owner’s desires (for example, the maintenance/handy man is usually specific to the property/owner; and some of the policies at each property are also dictated by the property owner).  And of course, there’s different people with different attitudes and willingness to help working at every company – including BT Properties.  However, the good news is that Kelly is now part of the BT Properties management team, and hopefully she can spread her professional and honest – yet caring and friendly – attitude throughout the company.

  • Vince S.

Mountain View, CA


I wanted to write a note here regarding the help and service that I received from namely Jim and Kelly at BT in Mountain View. When ever I have needed to rent a place I knew that I could just make a call and give the info about what I was looking for and in that one phone call I could nail a place that was in my budget and right for me per my requests. In this last rental I called Jim and though he was not going to be available due to vacation he immediately put me through to Kelly who picked up the task. She showed me one place and it turned out not to be right for me and then recommended another and it was perfect. She stayed in communication with me and really went out of her way off normal working hours to get me in and situated. They are a great team. I had explored Craig’s list and some others prior to making the call to Jim just out of curiousity but then after searching and searching around I made that one call and I was set. These guys are the best. I would recommend going with BT for sure if you are looking for a place.

  • Wei Z.

Goleta, CA

Updated – 3/31/2012

We moved in a couple of months ago. The apartment is ok so far, and we haven’t had many chances to deal with the company yet. But our manager is the sweetest, nicest, and most responsible manager we’ve ever met. She helps us a lot and makes everything so easy. I’d love to apply all the good words on her.

1 Previous Review

  • Gary C.

Sunnyvale, CA


Well, the bright spot in living in BT’s Blythe Court Apt is having a property manager who is respectful, considerate, and responsive.  Kelly has shown all these traits. She and her husband, Eric, has done a great job in keeping the apartment landscape manicured, the facilities clean and in working order, and just a pleasant place to come home to.

Comment from Brett T. of BT Properties 3/31/2012

  • Jen D.

Mountain View, CA 2/10/12

Reading through all the negative comments did not deter me away from renting from BT Properties and it’s because of Property Managers like Kelly Johnson. She immediately won me over with her warm and friendly personality. She made the entire process easy and totally seamless. Upon signing the papers, we did a walk through and pointed out the items that needed to be fixed and she took care of everything on our list by the time we moved in. I’m hopeful that we’ll continue to get the outstanding service. BT needs more people like Kelly.
  • Julie G.

Santa Clara, CA


I have been renting with bt properties for about a year, and I do not have anything but positive things to say. Our apartment is soooo wonderful. We have had some minor fixes that needed to be taken care of, and as soon as we called they sent someone over to fix things. It was sooo fast! And they followed up each time to make sure everything was handled properly, and that we were satisfied with the results. I would totally rent from them again! Our experience so far has been nothing but wonderful!

  • Jacque R.

Los Altos, CA


We’ve been living with BT Properties for years and we’ve had nothing but good experiences. They always take care of the tenants and quite frankly I was surprised to see that YELP filtered so many of the good reviews. (see filter tab at bottom of the page) nearly all of the 4 and 5 star results of which there are many!). They deserve all of the 5 stars!

  • Yoko K.

Sunnyvale, CA


I just signed a lease for an apartment in Sunnyvale through Kelly. Kelly made the process so easy for me. She was very flexible with her schedule, so the meeting arrangements were effortless. I had many questions and concerns about the apartment/contract, but she gave me clear answers or solutions; which gave me great comfort. Same as the previous reviews about Kelly, she is very caring, friendly, and helpful. Thank you so much for your help, Kelly!

  • Jen D.

Mountain View, CA


Reading through all the negative comments did not deter me away from renting from BT Properties and it’s because of Property Managers like Kelly Johnson. She immediately won me over with her warm and friendly personality. She made the entire process easy and totally seamless. Upon signing the papers, we did a walk through and pointed out the items that needed to be fixed and she took care of everything on our list by the time we moved in. I’m hopeful that we’ll continue to get the outstanding service. BT needs more people like Kelly.

  • Nicole R.

Redwood City, CA 2/6/2012

BT Properties recently took over management of the small building that I live in. I was nervous because I originally moved into the place because it was managed by the owner himself, which I usually prefer.

I actually had a great first experience.  Something went wrong with my heater.  I called and Becky dispatched a service guy right away.  The service guy was prompt, professional and quick to diagnose the problem.  He called BT and got approval to make the repairs and went to Home Dept and installed our new heater unit the very same day! I was so happy because I was expecting a hassle… but I got quick, friendly, competent service and my issue was resolved right away. Sorry to hear that many others’ experience has not been the same… so far, I have to give my approval and would not hesitate to move into another property managed by BT in the future.

  • Sarah Y.

Palo Alto, CA


I’ve lived in Webster Oaks (a property in downtown Palo Alto managed by BT) for a year now. Mary Ann, the property manager, is amazing. She is always looking to do anything that she can to make her tenants happy, and goes the extra mile to make things work. She’s friendly and helpful, and lives right on the property. Everything is repaired right away by John and his crew who are onsite usually next day to fix any issues. The units are nice and modern. Many of the units have recently been renovated with new pergo wood floors, skylights, and new lighting and bathroom fixtures. Units are much nicer than many of the other carpeted 1970s style apartments in the area. The location is amazing– 4 blocks from University Ave downtown Palo Alto. There is onsite laundry (coin op) which is convenient. I’ve lived in other apartments that are run by a private individual (eg. a cottage behind someone’s house or a condo rented out by its owners), and you can tell BT Properties is definitely a business with many units. This means that they likely will raise the rent when your lease is up, and they have you pay for some things (garbage, sewer, coin op laundry) that a more casual rental would just cover for you. So that’s something to be aware of, but I’m sure that’s true of any rental business and isn’t specific to BT. Overall, a great apartment complex that is very well run!

  • Tim Q.

Glendale, CA


From what I have been reading, Totally the opposite experience from this property management company. Kelly, a property manager for BT properties, saved me and my dad time and a lot of stress! My dad and I have been looking for apartments in the Mountain View and Sunnyvale for the past 3 weeks. I know my dad has awesome credit and was going to co-sign with me for my apartment in the area. Lately, I noticed that property companies and landlords in the area are very picky and uptight with their policies that they do not allow co-signers or a six month lease. I mean come on my dad has awesome credit and it’s not good enough. Common sense if my dad has awesome credit he’s on time with payments and these companies and landlords will be getting there money right on time. My dad was professional about that he even brought bank statements and his credit report cause we were willing to get any place right away. Kelly was a life saver last night! As soon as we met her, I already had a good feeling about her as a manager. She was the nicest manager we have came across during our search for apartments. She was really sweet and caring that she wanted to help us out so much. We told her about her situation and the constant denials from property companies and landlords, she re-assured that she will do everything she can to make sure we get this apartment in Sunnyvale, CA. She was knowledgeable as she advised us carefully and thoroughly with our paperwork. She said told us that we are more than qualified and was confident that we would get the apartment because the company will work with anyone who has great credit and that she would give us a call late that night. Long behold, that call came only 2 hours later right before we were going to see another apartment as our back up. Kelly saved my dad and me so much time, and now because of her I have a place to stay during school. She definitely assured she would work on our application right away and she stayed true to her word. Today, after signed the contract she even gave my dad and I her number should I come across any problems with my time at the apartment. Kelly thank you so much! Your as a person says a lot about your personality and how you carry yourself as a manager. I recommend Kelly Johnson from BT properties. BT Properties definitely has great people working for them like Kelly, and people came across the wrong managers.

  • Niloy C.

Mountain View, CA


Review for Jim BT Properties. Me and my wife just relocated to Mountain View. The first thing that had to be done is getting a rented apartment. Searched a lot of rentals and finally settled in the 1776 California Street, Mountain View apartment from BT Properties. We got in touch with Jim who really help us through the whole precess of renting. As this is the first time we are renting an apartment we had very little or no idea of the whole process. Jim all along the process ….. right from submitting the necessary documents till signing the final agreement has extended his full support. He made the whole process simple and as easy as it can be. We were explained each and every detail of the rental agreement and other things we should know before moving in. Before renting we had some apprehensions but Jim made each and everything quite seamless for us. He even came over the next day to check if we were settled nicely. Thanks a lot to Jim for making it so smooth and easy for us. The start is nice, I sincerely hope the stay here as well turns out to be enjoyable.

Comment from Brett T. of BT Properties 1/12/2012
Hi Niloy,  Thanks for taking the time to review our firm.… More »
  • Feng L.

Mountain View, CA


Review for Kelly of BT properties I just moved out from the apartment I rented at 776 Palo Alto Ave, Mountain View from BT properties. The apartment was very nice and I enjoyed there very much. I spent a very good time in this apartment. During the last month before I moved out, I had a very wonderful experience with Kelly. She was incredibly kind, polite, friendly, pleasant, patient and helpful. She worked hard and did very good job. She always patiently answered my questions and provided helpful suggestions for my moving. She told me that how to replace the drip pans for stove top and where I could buy these, furthermore, she helped me to call hardware store to ask them whether they have these stuffs. She also told me where I could purchase magic eraser sponge for cleaning walls. She was really excellent and gave me many helps. In addition, she called me every times in advance to make an appointment to show the apartment to next tenant. If there is an opportunity, I would enjoy renting from Kelly and BT properties again and recommend her to my friends! Thank you so much!

  • M P.

Mountain View, CA


I have just moved into a new, modest apartment in Mountain View and had the most pleasant experience with the regional manager, Kelly Johnson. She was covering for the on-site manager and was very eager to help me get my paperwork in and my credit score checked, offered suggestions and moral support about the move. What could have been a frustrating transition transformed into a nice conversation and thorough explanation of the rental agreement, highlighting very important information and letting me know what I needed to do in the upcoming days/weeks. She was incredibly friendly, helpful, patient and pleasant. I would enjoy renting from her again!

  • Mrs. P.

Redwood City, CA

 Updated – 12/28/2011

I’ve been living at one of BT’s apartments for  2 years now.  People always seem to write the negative on  Yelp, but I want BT and others to know how much I appreciate their being on the ball and treating me like a customer.   They have been great to me.  I had an issue during Christmas with the shower door not sliding and the sink not working right.  I reported it and in 2 days  the maintenance guy had installed a new shower door and fixed the bathroom sink.   Service has never been an issue. The opposite.  Michelle is great.  Thanks, BT for me not having to worry about stuff in my apartment.  That’s what I pay for and even though rents are high here in the Bay Area, at least they take care of any problems right away.

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  • 1/14/2011 I have been using BT Properties as my mgmt. co. for over 8 years and could not be happier with them… Read more »

  • Justin C.

Mountain View, CA


I’m having trouble understanding these negative reviews. I live in their property on Palo Alto Ave in Mountain View, managed by Jim I believe. This place is affordable, close to downtown, and well-maintained. When I first moved in, they did a complete cleanup and had people come clean the carpet. Anytime I’ve had trouble and needed repairs, BT was there for me. I’m about 7 months into my lease and I’ll update if I do run into trouble, but I don’t foresee it happening.

Comment from Brett T. of BT Properties 12/19/2011
Hi Justin, Thanks for taking the time to review us. We… More »
  • Paul G.

Cupertino, CA


Just got an issue resolved with my unit today.  I’m not use to getting things done through on-site managers so fast.  Dane was real cool about understanding my work hours (night shift) and making sure that the repair people were able to get at my apt at a certain time so that I could sleep.  Thank you, thank you!

  • Bart L.

Sunnyvale, CA


I just moved into the building in Los Gatos.  Just wanted to send a shout to Brett for letting me know that this unit was coming up and convinced me to wait for it.  WELL WORTH IT!  Thanks again Brett.

  • Darell M.

San Jose, CA


I just moved into an apartment in Los Gatos managed by bt properties Rosemary Gibson and must say they where quick to take care of any issues I had when moving in and was told that the next day someone would be there to repair my issues. Despite the bad reviews I haven’t seen any of that.


I just moved into an apartment in Los Gatos managed by bt properties Rosemary Gibson and must say they where quick to take care of any issues I had when moving in and was told that the next day someone would be there to repair my issues. Despite the bad reviews I haven’t seen any of that.

  • Jonathan T.

Mountain View, CA


These guys seem to be on the ball with maintenance.  I had reported some minor property things and thought that it would take some time to fix being they we’re low-priority, but they got on it in within a couple days of telling the mgr.

  • Barron G.

Sunnyvale, CA


Thanks for getting us into the new building so fast.  Also appreciate how quickly the paint crew returned for the touch-ups.  Randy on-site mgr is pretty cool too.

  • Terry S.

Los Gatos, CA


I wanted to thank Dee from BT Properties for personally helping me through moving into our new apartment unit.  The apartment was real clean and the neighborhood is as quite as she had mentioned.  Thank you very much Dee for everything.

  • Paul C.

Mililani, HI


Just wanted to thank Rosemary for helping my sister get into her apartment. I know it’s beyond the duties of management to do the things you did to make sure she was settled in a new place/town.  Oh, and thanks for the extra light bulbs  🙂

  • Ronald C.

Granite Bay, CA


BT Properties is  a well run property management company. They are conscientious when it comes to their owners, as well as their tenants. They manage small and large properties  with equal dedication.

  • Marian P.

Mountain View, CA

Updated – 7/20/2011

I have lived in  Palo Alto at one of BTP managed apartments and SO FAR SO GOOD!  I use to live in the Mountain View area in one of their apts and they helped me move to the latest apt. They just came out to tend to some landscaping issues and the owner of the building was there too.  Nice to see owner and managers working together.

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  • 12/10/2010Just moved out of the Town Terrace and got 100% of my deposit back.  Had to Yelp this!  Really?  Of… Read more »

  • George C.

Mountain View, CA


Been a tenant for several years. During the remodel of our property early-on, we were always notified of work, and the property was kept clean. I’m also impressed that after reading about all the rent increases happening in the area, that the increases have been infrequent (one in 3 years). Not sure what all the complaining is about, but I’m planning on staying and have referred friends whom have also been happy.

  • chris h.

Del Mar, CA


They have always done right by me and seem to be a real fair company.  Lincoln Park was a great place to live and the property manager always was helpful to me.

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